bacon sandwich 5

by Signposted Disaster

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the fifth bacon sandwich EP

tracks #1-#4 recorded 7th May 2016 in Ric's Current Living Room

track #5 recorded 5th May 2016 in Ric's Current Bedroom


released May 7, 2016

Ric Cowley: Everything




Signposted Disaster Sheffield, UK

A fool with a guitar that no one has had the good sense to tear away from him.

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Track Name: broke
I stepped through those glass doors for the first time
Belly full of rum and tiny bits of accidental lime
Scanned the walls for signs of where to go
Covered my eyes around the lingerie, but for what reason I don't know

Found myself in a kind of normcore paradise
Sunglasses on mannequins and shorts you might describe as nice
Marvel t-shirts and all your other favourite brands
And all the things I ever needed sitting on one stand

And I'm sorry to all my hipster friends for entering this scene
But I really needed a new pair of jeans

Now I know that Primark has a history of using child labour
And believe me it's not an image I particularly want to savour
But Channel 4 have stopped making documentaries on the topic
So I'm using that as evidence that Primark must've stopped it

Still I'm a little uneasy about funding this corporation
Who literally used to have children working away in desperation
But I'm working for minimum wage and living in the city
So forgive me for wanting to only spend 8 quid on clothes that fit me

And I'm sorry to all those kids whose fingers bled sewing these seams
But I really needed a new pair of jeans

Yeah I'm sorry for caving and feeding the capitalist dream
But I really needed a new pair of jeans
Track Name: scared
The day has come and I am finally free
To head out into the world and be who I want to be
Discover my limits and my goals and aspirations
Try to live up to everyone's expectations

But I've known this comfort so long
I don't know if my will is so strong
That I could leave here and be happy
That does not sound like me

So I think before I pick up my Totodile
I'll just sit here for a while

There's a world of wonderful creatures hiding in tall grass
And my destiny is to go out there and kick all kinds of ass
But now I've finally sat down on this bed
I think I'm just gonna stay here instead

The sun sets and day becomes night
People are stood in the woods waiting for a fight
But here I am unwilling to go
Maybe I should give them a call and let them know

That before I pick up my Totodile
I'm just gonna sit here for a while
Track Name: confused
I want to read all the words you've ever wrote
I want to hear all the words you've ever spoke
Oh what I'd give just to hear you sing
But you went away and deleted everything

The lengths you've gone to for it not to be seen
To be honest seems a little extreme
But I don't get to tell you what to do with your past
It's your decision and I'm sorry I asked

Sometimes I'd like to know what's going on in your head
But whenever I ask you say your brain is dead
I swear I won't use the information for your downfall
But you always say you're not thinking at all

Keeping everything inside sounds like a chore
But I won't push the point cos I don't wanna be a bore
I don't get to tell you what to do with your brain
It's your decision and I'm sorry again
Track Name: despondent
When I look up in the sky
I swear I can see you out the corner of my eye
It's a miracle I didn't cry
I never even got to say goodbye

I wonder sometimes if you're OK
Swear I saw you the other day
In the hands of another man
I just turned and ran

I know we reached our end
And I just wanted to say
You were more than just a friend
You were my Ford Kay Ay
Track Name: gumshoe
fuck knows what the words are