If Ed Miliband Can't Make Eating A Bacon Sandwich Look Easy Then What Hope Do We Have?

by Signposted Disaster

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Bacon Sandwich 4. WARNING: This EP is almost entirely screamed and very loud.


released May 29, 2015

Ric: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Desk, Trumpet




Signposted Disaster Sheffield, UK

A fool with a guitar that no one has had the good sense to tear away from him.

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Track Name: Wait Shouldn't This Song Have Been On The Last EP I Mean It's Basically Got "Title Track" Written All Over It Christ
Nothing is okay, I am filled with fear

I don't know what I am doing
Track Name: Really, A Song About Your Cat, Are You Stupid Or Do You Genuinely Not Care Anymore About Writing Good Material?
It's 6AM, why are you in my room?
I'm trying to sleep, I'm trying to make up my mind
But you're so cute and fluffy
Okay, you can cuddle but only for a minute
Track Name: I Definitely Didn't Record The Drums To This Using A Front Bottoms Song As A Click Track No Siree Bob
I'm alone, that's fine, that's usually the case
I'll just sit here in the corner and accept my fate

The world moves on around me and that's okay
But then I hear you talking, oh I hear you talking

I don't belong
I don't belong

That's ok, I'll just sit alone
No one talks to me, I'll just drive off home

But that's fine cos I like my own company
Track Name: Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing (Surfing)))))))))))
Let's all go surfing
Let's all go surfing today
The water looks lovely
For surfing
Let's go to the beach
Let's lay down our towels
I wanna go surfing
I wanna go surfing
I wanna go surfing
I wanna go surfing
I wanna go surfing today
Track Name: This Is It. I Have Achieved Trumpet Nirvana. Nobody Can Take This Away From Me. I Hate You All. My Life Is A Mess.
Politics is not something that interests me, so I won't make anything of it for this EP, thank you for listening, it's ten o'clock at night what am I doing with my life

(general screaming and yelling "oh my god")